During bARTer, anyone was welcome to visit Current Studio and offer an object or service in exchange for a work of art. All the art was presented anonymously and without a monetary value to encourage viewers to determine what the art is worth in trade. The bidding process was silent, so other offers were not available for view. 



LOOK: Look at the art and consider the value of each piece: number of hours involved, materials or equipment needed, expertise required, etc. The works are presented anonymously and without a retail price so that you may consider the value without being swayed by names or numbers.

THINK: Think about what you can offer in trade for the art.

OFFER: Use the provided forms to place your offer in the envelope next to the work. The forms are a binding agreement.

Artists will choose from all the offers made on their work and will decide which (if any) offer s/he would like to exchange for their work.


What is a piece of art worth? A year of orthodontic braces? A season of gardening? A vacation to Colorado? Music lessons? Accounting services? Physical therapy? 

At bARTer, you can buy art with anything except money. This style of silent auction exhibition has been taking place in larger cities around the world. Current Studio believes it is a model that is both beneficial to artists and patrons. Furthermore, it progresses the conversation about the value of art. 

Anyone with an interesting object, a desirable skill, or simply an active imagination has a chance of acquiring a piece of art. Viewers will have the rare experience of engaging with quality works without having their taste swayed by names or numbers, and even those who do not wish to participate in trade will be compelled to consider the art's worth in terms other than dollar signs.


  • There were 52 artists in the show. Of those artists, three live outside of Oklahoma and four live outside the Oklahoma City metro area.
  • 159 offers were extended by 79 offerors


It is presented anonymously and without association to the art for which it was offered. Duplicate bids were removed from this list for brevity. Artists are able to accept any offer or decline all offers. 

  • $175 worth of wine or alcohol of your choice.
  • _______! I would love to do an art swap with you for this piece. I have a large collage work in mind to swap - "Golden Hour" or "Midnight." You can see these on my site - (I’m open to the art swap!)
  • $200 worth of tattoo work by me @____________. Appt required, expires 8/2017.
  • 1-2 qts of homemade soup made with fresh, natural (organic as available) ingredients. Can be made gluten free, vegetarian, or with meat- your choice. Delivery once each month for four months.
  • 1) Amethyst & Rose Quartz with Michigan Vibes, 2) Signed copy of the book about KunKush's incredible journey from Iraq to Greece to Norway--being released in Jan by Random House (Google: reunite KunKush BBC outlook), 3) hand-blown glass pendant or other item made by my lady friend in Michigan, 4) ten shells from foreign lands.
  • 1) Eight one hour lessons in either: beginning to college-level French or beginning to intermediate level Japanese or karate or kickboxing or French cooking or Indian cooking or oil painting or Lindy Hop dance OR 2) miscellaneous mannequin parts legs, arms, torsos.
  • 13 mystery envelopes of mysterious sizes delivering mysterious things to an address of your choice to take place over the course of 13 months.
  • 24" super groovy cruiser bicycle, 24" maroon, ginormous chrome fenders.
  • 30 homemade chewy chocolate chip cookies (shipped).
  • 52 loaves of fresh-baked bread (one per week for one year) OR equivalent: one batch homemade cinnamon rolls = two loaves, two batches homemade dinner rolls = three loaves OR 50 sheets of handmade paper, approx. 9"x12" in assorted pastels OR wedding/formal dress alteration (take in, let out, hem, etc.)
  • 7' x 9.5' hand stitched quilt in awesome condition. Photo available.
  • A bracelet with small dragon beads and silver beads, a castle shaped incense burner holder, fried egg gummy candy (peach flavored), photography services for a full day, an empty Ipsy makeup bag, two "watercolor" painted mugs.
  • A gourmet dinner for six: menu your choice of three options including vegetarian. Cooked at your home and served with a beautiful tablescape.
  • A green and blue butterfly shaped pillow, a dog walker for a weekend, a full day photography services, an unopened Moulin Rouge DVD, Doctor Who 7th season Blu-ray, one empty Ipsy makeup bag, one "watercolor" painted mug.
  • A signed copy of "KunKush" the book once released by Random House in January (Google: KunKush the cat's reunion); hand-blown glass pendant made in Michigan by my girlfriend.
  • A sunset (or sunrise) sail for four on Lake Thunderbird with a picnic dinner (or breakfast or lunch) plus champagne or wine (or whatever) We'll sail at least two hours--longer, if you're having fun, and dine under sail or at anchor.
  • A vegetarian dinner for two with wine and a poetry reading (including limericks) and a poem written exclusively for your work of art.
  • An "original" Bop-It, A Fight Club Blu-ray, A chocolate orange, dog walker (for one weekend), photography services (studio shots, artwork shots, whatever you need!)
  • An OKCMOA glass tea infuser, dog walker (one weekend), three "watercolor" painted mugs, gummy pigs (candy), Mythology of Edith Hamilton (book).
  • An Olympus XA2 camera, no film; weekend dog walker for one weekend; a chocolate orange; a "watercolor" painted mug.
  • An X-acto knife with replacement blades, a stack of magazines, one weekend dog walker, photography services (for studio, couple shots, whatever you need), one “watercolor” painted mug.
  • Art supplies in the form of a pristine/unopened 2000 piece Starry Night puzzle, a 1000 piece puzzle of Marilyn Monroe sitting by a tree, and a $50 gift card to Hobby Lobby to purchase paints. If you're on the fence about this bid, I'm willing to throw in one more "mystery" puzzle to seal the deal!
  • Assistance with 3-5 proposals or applications. Includes, but is not limited to: identifying opportunities (grants? shows? public art?), budgeting, artist statement, narrative writing and/or editing, as needed -- artwork choices... glad to negotiate.
  • Babysit Shadow.
  • Babysitting, dog walking, lawn care.
  • Babysitting, graphic design, personal organizing, lawn care.
  • Beer/wine/liquor, value $100.
  • Behind the scenes tour of Gilcrease museum in Tulsa by me-staff art conservator. Tour to include conservation labs and archive. Tour limited to six people. No toddlers please.
  • Bookkeeping assistance in managing accounts, creating a budget, preparing records for taxes. General office-type assistance. Six hours total that can be spread over six months, used in minimum of one-hour increments.
  • Celebrant services for a wedding and a funeral, an evening of babysitting, a jar of wild blackberry jam.
  • Choice of nature photography for inspiration; a signed copy of "KunKush" the book once released by Random House in January (Google: KunKush the cat's reunion); hand-blown glass pendant made in Michigan by my girlfriend.
  • Coaching services for eight weeks. Includes 1) Energy Leadership Index Assessment 2) eight 45 minute coaching sessions. We'll look at the different aspects of your life, career, finances, and aspirations. Then we'll plot a course to help you define and realize your fullest life.
  • Custom framing for three originals: must be 11x14 or smaller, must use molding in stock, must show art in our gallery.
  • Custom made and tailored costume (for Halloween maybe?) OR general tailoring services OR personal driver for the day (OKC, Tulsa...wherever).
  • Dear ______ the Great, I am offering you ten haircuts, a Mew AND Mewtwo if I ever come across one on Pokémon GO, AND a piece of my art (maybe even two pieces.)
  • Dear Sensei, I would love to own a piece of your work! I am $225 Visa gift card for this piece. Thank you for considering my offer!!! With respect, ______ _______
  • Dog walking/dog sitting or babysitting or both, ten hours max
  • Double offer from _______ and _______: 1) two hours curatorial review of your artwork, website, portfolio and/or 2) dinner for up to six people cooked at your house with cocktails.
  • EITHER two matching his and her scarves, which includes your choice of three colors in wool or cotton OR one piece of art.
  • Five dozen homemade tamales, your choice: pork, chicken, beef, or vegetarian green chili cheese.
  • Five haircuts and style (in Chickasha) or five come to your house haircuts.
  • Food at next event.
  • Four blog posts for a blog/website, 300-500 words each, complete with SEO.
  • Four course meal for four people, includes wine and/or beer pairing OR brunch for six people (sample menu: 1st sweet potato soup with fried sage, 2nd avocado, roasted beet, pistachio salad, 3rd mojo shredded pork with lacinto kale and corn pudding, 4th lemon-lime posset with cornmeal cookie OR brunch menu: migas, French toast casserole with blueberries and bacon, ambrosial Greek yogurt. Feel free to ask romy about my cooking.
  • Free framing for three pieces: under 9x12 in size, must use current stock, must show work in my gallery.
  • Get well soon care packages subscription should you fall sick. I'll bring a special treat to help make things all better. Each care package will include soup, requested over the counter medicine, and a cheery surprise. Includes up to eight visits, which can be used consecutively or over time until August 1, 2017. If you are abnormally healthy and don't get sick in a year, I will delivery a "healthy as a horse" gift basket celebrating your good fortune. (Condition: only deliverable in OKC. Can be redeemed for others as a gift.
  • Glass pendant hand-blown by my partner in Michigan with clay teacup set (also hand made in Michigan.) OR choice of nature photography for any use.
  • Graphic design work and/or extensive Photoshop services OR revenge services: wearing a GoPro camera while delivering a glitter bomb and reading a note to that person who parked like an idiot, like a birthday gram.
  • Hand-blown glass pendant or other item made in Michigan by my girlfriend.
  • Hand-painted sign for your home or business courtesy of @_____________.
  • Home cooked meal and shoulder rub.
  • I am a blacksmith and metal fabricator. I build furniture, interior elements and hand-forged items. I can build a lot of different metal items. If you want it, I can build it. 
  • I am a tattoo artist @ No Regrets Tattoo in the Plaza.
  • I am offering babysitting. I am a freshman at Classen SAS. I major in drama but I also do art. My hours are flexible. I'm willing to do 40 hours of total babysitting, redeemed at least five hours at a time.
  • I bake incredible bread and can offer that service and delivery for a month.
  • I can draft patterns and sew clothes, also: tailoring services; so basically dressmaking is the word I am looking for.
  • I can offer assistance in developing a budget, monthly bookkeeping tasks, small business records systems, preparing records for taxes and/or other office tasks. I am offering a total of ten hours that can be used over six months. Work sessions must be one-hour minimum.
  • I can offer two choices: either four sessions of personal training offered in your home or studio OR gardening/landscaping urban homesteading plan, i.e. create a plan and assist in implementation of starting a raised vegetable garden. Project or maintenance six-ish hours.
  • I can provide any house, pet, or babysitting; or I can help with home, garden, or fashion design or styling (like, helping to plan a wardrobe, garden, or room in your home.) I can intern at your studio for up to 60 hours. I can make your fave food. I can give you my own artwork (I make jewelry, sculpture, paintings, and drawings) but you will have to give me an idea of what you want.
  • I have lots of potential art supplies including gallons and quarts of latex paints, glazing mediums, lustery and metallic plasters, and other plaster. The plasters range from $50-$100 per gallon when purchased new. We can negotiate how much material is equal to the cost of the art piece.
  • I here by pledge in exchange for your art, several days of errand running. One Saturday a month for six months, I will run errands for you from 12-4pm. Dates are negotiable, as well as months.
  • I will drive on a road trip OR go to a party as you so you don't have to go OR I will go to a party that you have to go to but hate everyone else attending & will make every guest very uncomfortable OR I’ll tell lies for you so you can stay honest.
  • I will follow you around one day with my video camera and make a mockumentary about your life.
  • I will knit you a sweater (hand knit!) this includes: purchase of yarn from (you pick color); you give input on pattern selection and I buy the pattern; hours and hours of knitting to create a beautiful knitted garment to keep you cozy this (late) fall/winter
  • I will send you ten curated vinyl records that I think are some of the best albums of all time. One per month for ten months.
  • I'll trade my book (photography/poetry) for yours.
  • Landscape design master plan, consultation (professional) worth $500+/-; drawn to scale; color rendered; plant material list and quantities
  • Laundry service for three months (wash, dry, and iron as needed). Includes one oversize load or one dry cleaned garment.
  • Lawn care or babysitting.
  • Leap coffee roasters fresh roasted coffee for a year! One bag of coffee/week of 52 bags of coffee when you want them like for gifts etc.
  • Legal services or art.
  • Legal services.
  • Liquor (beer, wine, etc. of your choice) up to $120.
  • Marketing services (negotiable) + one of my books. I LOVE THIS PIECE.
  • Michigan glass art, your choice of color/style AND funny cat shirt.
  • Modern Andy Warhol style prints with French sayings, such as C'est La Vie? Postcard size or large framed pieces. 
  • One hour curatorial review of your artwork, website, portfolio--suggestions and advice.
  • One of my art pieces. Title: Baby Tile-Matching; media: concrete; size: 19.5"x8.5"x3.75"; Facebook:
  • One of my editioned prints of your choosing, framed, and matted.
  • One set of small brushes, one weekend dog walker, photography services for a full day, an unopened Fight Club DVD, a relatively small box of broken ear buds, one "watercolor" painted mug.
  • One week in either efficiency condo presented in brochure on South Padre Island. One is on the bayside (quieter fisher-person's dream/sandcastle). Or beach access one is called Florence. Seven days TBD together with calendar of bookings. (Brochure attached.)
  • One weekend dog walker, photography services for one full day, fried egg gummy candy (peach flavored), gummy pigs, and a relatively small box of broken ear buds.
  • One whole cake/month for 12 months. Ask romy about my baking. Example cakes: chocolate stout cake (prairie bomb stout), sour cream chocolate with chocolate cream cheese frosting, tres leches, coconut with meringue frosting, pineapple upside down cake, pictures on my Facebook, under "baking." All cakes are large size.
  • Palm sized tattoo of your choice either on you or as a gift, in a reasonable area of the body. View my work on insta @_____-_-___. The tattoo would best done on a Sunday or Monday. Thank you. :)
  • Photographic services: documenting up to 20 works of art using high-resolution camera (35MP images) and professional lighting equipment.
  • Photography and video editing.
  • Photography services.
  • Portrait photo session (individual, family, etc.) + artwork photo services (up to 25 works of art).
  • Production of press release, email, press kit, and other art-related technical writing for six months. (1,000 words per week) Literati Press.
  • Professional painting: painting of two or three rooms (depending on size, max size 10x20), including trim. Trim can be different color. Includes caulking cracks, fixing holes, taping off. Trim can be sprayed. Will help move your stuff out and tarp and remove all tap after. Can also include ceiling, but fixing major ceiling cracks or structural giant holes not included. Paint not included.
  • Professional photography & video.
  • Professional photography and video editing.
  • Red Saint Door: 1/2 of door from robbery with Santa Fe Catholic Church behind frosted glass with catholic saint gold tassel and a descriptive story.
  • Staple gun, canvas making supplies (wood, wood glue, gesso, etc.), and refurbishing supplies (fabric, etc.)
  • Tattoo.
  • Ten half-pound bags (suitable for gifting) of Sheri's Handmade Toffee delivered in December 2016. Perfect for gift giving or binge-eating.
  • Ten hours accountancy/bookkeeping - not a CPA but very proficient at QuickBooks OR first month rent for studio apartment at XXXX NW 12th St OR trade for watercolor of choice, currently hanging at Contemporary Art Gallery, Paseo.
  • Thank you for creating this wonderful piece of art. I am a massage therapist of ten year trained in therapies that range from Reiki to myoskeletal. I recently finished up training for medical massage, but I am not currently accepting insurance. I work at Bella Strada Salon and Spa in Edmond and I also make house calls. I have gone to a few of the other local artists homes such as _____ ______ and ___ _____. If you would like to ask about my professionalism to ensure I am not sketchy. I was going to offer two 90-minute house call sessions. I hope to be hearing from you.
  • This is not a bid, but if you ever offer any classes or workshops, I would love to know. I really like your work and my parents bid on it.
  • This is such a fun experience! I love your piece. The color is appealing, the use of embroidery on paper is rarely seen & the shimmer of the “watercolor” grabs me--and the creative name! Kudos to you! My offer is for LANDSCAPING. I operate a part time landscaping business focusing on design of exterior beds, raised veggie/herb gardens and containers of all sizes. I can offer you free design hours, yard work labor (limited to lifting less than 50 lbs.) of possibly bed clean up and general re-planting or moving plants around to create more curb appeal. Negotiation is key I guess? Great work!
  • Three “watercolor” painted mugs, a snowman mug, a manual staple gun, fried egg gummy candy (peach flavored) gummy pigs.
  • Three babysitting sessions, up to six hours. Provide two weeks notice to request time slot. Weekends easiest to book. References available on request.
  • Three handmade dresses: modern, very wearable, two handmade hats: one winter, one summer.
  • Three hours (three 50 minute sessions) individual or couple's psychotherapy OR three hours life coaching OR three hours premarital or marital education.
  • Three months of personal coaching with me.
  • Three nights stay in private Savannah home, depending on mutually agreed schedule.
  • Two bottles Deep Fork red wine + photo print of your choice. See and look at Etsy shop. All photos printed on 8.5x11 in matte archival paper.
  • Two cut and colors, performed at Tonic the Salon.
  • Unlimited henna body art for six months for you or one other person. 
  • Would you be willing to barter with a tattoo? Up for any design!
  • Your choice: Learn to sail OR a sailboat cruise on Lake Thunderbird for four with a picnic meal, champagne, and dessert. (Learning to sail can be multiple sessions.)