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Haiga Duo at Current Studio

Chicago-based musicians The Haiga Duo will be presenting new materials from their ongoing performance project on behalf of the American Accordion. The performance will be set within the fully immersive Factory Obscura art experience at Current Studio.

The Haiga Duo project is centered around the theme of ‘memoir.’ Haiga is gathering memories from various members of specific communities and codifying their responses into text and music pieces. During the month of January, Haiga will perform the pieces developed from one community in another. Meanwhile, they will collect specific memories from new communities along the way in order to generate more material.

Haiga is a joint venture created by Jason Chen [piano and accordion] and Eric Hollander [viola and poetry].

$10 Suggested Donation

Factory Obscura is a collective of artists creating immersive art experiences. As Current Studio Artists in Residence, Factory Obscura produced SHIFT, an installation exploring human consciousness. The exhibition continues through February 25, 2018. Learn more