The Classen Ten Penn (CTP) Neighborhood Association, in partnership with Current Studio and supported by the City of Oklahoma City’s Strong Neighborhoods Initiative and the Mid-America Arts Alliance, seeks proposals from artists or teams of artists for new public art to beautify the neighborhood and calm traffic at key intersections.

Preference will be given to projects that consider the context of the neighborhood and celebrate the cultural diversity of the residents.

Seeking proposals in two artwork categories:

  • Intersection Art: Three intersections within the Classen Ten Penn neighborhood have been identified as highly visible with high pedestrian traffic. Intersections are: 13th & Ellison, 12th & McKinley, and 12th & Indiana. Artists will be commissioned to paint the street surface within these intersections (the area between the 4 crosswalks, where the 2 streets intersect, but not including the crosswalks). Intersection art must be produced with paints designed for use on streets. Recommended materials are Water-based Zone Marking Paint with Duckback Walnut-based friction additive, which ensures the painting will not slip. Specifications will be provided at the Artists’ Forum meeting on November 13. Each of the 3 selected proposals will receive an award of $7,000 for design, materials, fabrication, delivery and installation.
  • Artistic Bike Rack: One functional, artistic bike rack will be placed within McKinley Park. Bike rack designs must accommodate a minimum of 10 bikes, and should allow for ease of locking utilizing a common “U” lock or cable lock. Base plates should be included with the ability to be bolted to a concrete pad. Bike racks must be steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, and finished to withstand the outdoors. Designs should avoid sharp edges for safety. Selected proposal will receive an award of $3,600 for design, materials, fabrication, delivery and installation.

With this project, the Classen Ten Penn Neighborhood Association seeks to: improve the quality of life in our neighborhood, engage neighbors through functional art, instill a sense of neighborhood pride, and increase safety within the neighborhood.

This RFP is open to all professional artists and artist teams over the age of 18. Artists may apply as an individual, team up with experienced artists, or both. Individuals or teams may submit multiple proposals but will be limited to a maximum of three applications. Artists must reside within the Mid-America region (Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Texas). Preference will be given to artists who are involved in the community and residents of the State of Oklahoma.

October 15, 2017: Request for Proposals Released
November 13, 2017, 6pm, Current CO-OP, 1214 N Penn, OKC: Neighborhood Artist’s Forum - meet residents from community and ask for feedback about culturally relevant or site-specific artwork for the neighborhood. Forum is in conjunction with Classen Ten Penn Neighborhood Association monthly meeting.
November 13, 2017, 7pm, Current CO-OP, 1214 N Penn, OKC:  Technical Artists’ Forum held by City of Oklahoma City. This seminar provides information about the public art process from idea to completion, including permitting.
December 15, 2017: Notification of selected artists
January 8, 2018: Artist presentations to Classen Ten Penn Neighborhood Association. Public opportunity for discussion and questions.
January 2018: Artist timelines established and contracts signed
February 19, 2018: Arts commission review
By end of May 2018: Artwork completed
June 2018: Annual Classen Ten Penn Community Festival and reception to reveal new public artworks



Intersection 1 : 12th & Indiana : Indiana is a main thoroughfare from 10th to 16th streets.

Intersection 2 : 12th & McKinley : This is a main entry point to the park from the neighborhood.

Intersection 3 : 13th & Ellison : This intersection connects the elementary school to the park. 


Award of Contract:

  • The Classen Ten Penn Neighborhood Association (CTP) reserves the right to: reject any or all proposals; to reject a portion of any or all proposals; to negotiate and execute or to not negotiate or execute a pricing agreement/contract with any proposer; and to solicit new or different proposals.
  • The selected artist must be willing to negotiate a contract satisfactory to The Classen Ten Penn Neighborhood Association (CTP) that meets all the requirements of the CTP funding organizations (The City of Oklahoma City, US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the Mid-America Art Alliance).  In the event CTP is unable or unwilling to successfully negotiate with the artist submitting the best entry, CTP reserves the option of rejecting the artist and negotiating with the artist submitting the next best entry.
  • In an attempt to satisfy the legal requirements of CTP’s funding entities and local permitting requirements, the contract will require that artist(s) waives rights under the Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA).
  • The selected artist   shall   comply   with   all   applicable   laws,   statutes,   ordinances,   regulations,   and administrative requirements including but not limited to safety and engineering regulations, insurance requirements,  and all other federal, state and local laws and requirements.
  • CTP is seeking city approval for installation for a pilot period of 1 year, with option to renew for up to 2 additional years.


  • Selected artist shall install the work so as to conform to the requirements of all City of Oklahoma City and State of Oklahoma laws, ordinances, codes, regulations, and requirements.  This includes, but is not limited to, making application for Arts Commission review, permitting, insurance, etc. A separate budget is available for permitting fees and project curators will assist artists in this process.



  • Contact information: Name(s), business name (if applicable), mailing address, email, phone number, website(s), social media
  • Current Resume: An individual resume should be submitted for each artist.
  • Artist’s Statement: No more than 200 words in length, describing your previous work.
  • Proposed Artwork Concept: Proposal shall include conceptual design drawings sufficient to communicate the artist’s concept.
  • Project Narrative: No more than one page in length to explain the concept behind your proposal.
  • Budget: Include specifications related to materials, size, weight, installation requirements, and maintenance guidelines. Also include the cost of site preparation work and materials needed, if applicable.
  • Maintenance Plan: A written statement regarding a maintenance plan with a 1-3-year life. Artist will be responsible for any required maintenance.
  • References: A list of at least three professional references familiar with your work and working methods. The list must include email addresses and telephone numbers.
  • Work Samples & Image List: A minimum of eight digital images. Image list should include: title, media, dimensions, date created. 


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