1. Respect the privacy and personal space of fellow members; no unsolicited critiques.
  2. Use headphones to listen to music.
  3. Cell phone use is only permitted in common areas when no one else is around to hear your conversation.
  4. No sleeping overnight.
  5. No smoking or vaping anywhere in the building. Do no prop doors open to step outside for smoking or vaping.
  6. Clean up after yourselves. Place easels, tables, and any other equipment back where you found them. Place your artwork in a drying rack, or appropriate storage area, and all other supplies in your locker. Leave the space the way you would like someone else to leave it for you. There are cleaning supplies throughout the studio for your use. No one likes mystery paint on their clothes or artwork.
  7. Do not leave smelly trash or food in the open studio garbage bins. Please use kitchen garbage bin for food waste.
  8. Do not pour turpentine or other chemicals down the drains. You are responsible for disposing of all hazardous materials properly. 
  9. No spray paint in the studios. 
  10. You may leave an area set up for one hour, but you must leave a note detailing the time you will return. Please be mindful of others who may need the work space.
  11. If you did not bring it to the studio, don't use it. Studio members may only use personal supplies and the equipment provided by Current CO-OP. Use only what is yours, no matter how convenient.
  12. Always close all studio doors behind you. All members must work to keep the building secure at all times.
  13. No pets are allowed in the studio.
  14. This studio is not open to the public for visitation. Artists may welcome visitors for studio visits so long as they are not disruptive of other artists at work.
  15. There is no mandate of a number of hours an artist must be on site or working.