Laura Massenat is a partner at Elemental Coffee, co-founder of H & 8th, a Groovy’s confetti collector, and recovering OKCPS Board Member. She currently serves on the Ralph Ellison Foundation Board, Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition Board, Midtown Association Board, OKCPS Wellness Committee and Foundation for OKCPS Bilingual Education Committee. An interest in city development and citizen voice led to service on the City of OKC Council - OKCPS Joint Task Force, the Bike/Ped master planning steering committee, Abandoned Buildings Coalition, Citizens for a Better Classen, and the grassroots MAPS 4 NEIGHBORHOODS team. She is into people, delicious food and beverage, local everything, lobbying for education at the Capitol, supporting the arts, promoting cycling, and health.

Laurent Massenat is a structural engineer, known for creative solutions, at his firm Obelisk Engineering. He applies his talent to such things as keeping stairs from falling on innocent heads, but also more visible public works like the SkyDance Bridge and more recently the Scissortail Park in downtown OKC. He is a partner at Elemental Coffee Roasters, a member of DNA Racing Team  and on the board of Rocktown Youth Mentoring, providing growth and character building for youth in need through rock climbing and adventure.

Thomas Thompson brings the element of physical movement to our team.  In his day jobs, he shares his knowledge of Feldenkrais, yoga and Applied Kinesiology with his classes and private clients.  He has been a lifetime practitioner of various martial arts and also enjoys traveling and finding adventure near or far.  Before fully transitioning into movement disciplines he spent 10 years in Information Technology and gained a lot of practical knowledge in complex systems.  Thomas is an adjunct professor at Oklahoma City University in the Theater Department and has had several seasonal engagements with various Oklahoma University Sports teams.   He is also a father of two little boys who are as adventurous as he is and need a creative space to learn and grow.

Tammy Greenman is a former military kid who, in 2003, took a chance and made the leap from the ATL to land and plant her roots in the OKC. Tammy’s artistic background is rooted in creating atmospheres, moods, emotions, and experiences. From college radio DJ to window dresser/fashion show designer, from drummer in punk/riot girrrl bands to installation/sculptural artist, she has helped create and shape businesses, organizations, and districts. In addition to her artistic pursuits, Tammy is a trained community organizer, amateur tap dancer, and parent to a kind and talented son, a high energy dog, and a neurotic cat.

Hugh Meade creates three dimensional works in metals, plastics, and wood utilizing both traditional and hand-working techniques and modern digital tools. Collaboration with other artists is a long-standing practice for Hugh, and being an active participant in the larger community of artists has led to growth and opportunities that would otherwise be unlikely, if not impossible. Examples of his work range from furniture, to shoes, to public art projects like the giant OKC letters at the Wheeler District Ferris Wheel. Influenced by early 20th century art movements in style and philosophy, he applies 21st century technology to realize his imaginative designs. Meade’s stated goal is to “always try to evoke a sense of wonder in the observer.” www.instagram.com/oddfab/

Kelsey Karper is an Oklahoma City-based curator, artist, and project manager. Her artwork combines photography and found imagery to spin imaginary tales, employing a variety of photographic processes. As a curator, Karper focuses on projects that build community and create new opportunities for artists. Her curatorial practice is greatly informed by her previous work as Associate Director of the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition, an organization devoted to supporting artists statewide. In early 2016, Karper co-founded Current Studio, an experimental art space in the Classen Ten Penn Neighborhood of Oklahoma City, investigating the intersection of art and community. Karper also works as an independent project manager, helping organizations with research and planning. She holds a BFA in Photographic Arts from the University of Central Oklahoma. www.kelseykarper.com