November 9, 2017-February 25, 2018

FACTORY OBSCURA | www.factoryobscura.fun

Founders: Tammy Greenman, Kelsey Karper, Laura Massenat, Laurent Massenat, Hugh Meade
Artist Team: Amber Rae Black, Denise Duong, Nicole Emmons-Willis, adam Lanman, William  Walker Larason, Erin Latham, Nick Lillard, Mike Litzau, Leigh MartinTiffany McKnight, Mandy Messina, Brandon SeekinsCassie Stover, David Webber, Amanda Zoey
Support Team: Nate Borchert, Torrey Butzer, Erica Colbath, Mikey Colbath, Nima Ferdosi, Barney Karper, Lawrence Kincheloe, Katelynn Knick, Brent Logsdon, Jason Martin, Chloe Massenat, Thomas Massenat, Marke McConnell, Mat Miller, Amanda Robles
SHIFT Curator: Kelsey Karper


SHIFT is a fully-immersive, experiential art installation that challenges the participant to physically explore the full-sensory environment. Factory Obscura, a collective of artists and community builders, formed earlier this year to produce large scale installations that require new forms of audience engagement. This is the first such installation.  

Spurred by the desire to cause a shift in thinking, Factory Obscura has launched a long-term vision for growth with SHIFT at Current Studio.  This installation is the first leading the collective toward a future permanent location in Oklahoma City.

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Saturday, November 4, 2017
Top-secret location in OKC

Just before Midnight on November 4, 2017, Factory Obscura and guests gathered for an intimate and extraordinary celebration of our artists and the completion of our first installation, SHIFT at Current Studio. The Midnight Dinner was the first Factory Obscura production, offering an immersive, interactive, and performative experience for a limited number of participants. Guests wore their most elaborate, bizarre, or mysterious attire and were transported into a magical, alternate world. 

Dinner proceeds allowed artists to be paid fairly for their work, and helped keep the SHIFT exhibition open with free admission at Current Studio.

Sara Cowan, Emily Dawson, Luke Eddy, Jaiye Farrell, Angie LaPaglia, William Walker Larason, Brent Logsdon, Sheridan McMichael, Mat Miller, Alana Murray, RaQuele Sliger, Dustin Sliger, Justice Smithers, Thomas Thompson, Sam Vallejo, Tiffany van der Merwe, Cassandra van Houten, Kyle van Osdol