Without community support, Current Studio would not be possible. Thank you for supporting us in creating something new for the Oklahoma City community.


Voyager (2500-4999)
Kim and Mike Wallace, DDS
Fowler Toyota

Explorer (1000-2499)
Julia Kirt and Nathan Guilford, DDS
Titi and Brian Fitzsimmons
Pivot Project
OKC Awesome Foundation
Plaza District
Frady Cat Signs
Kirkpatrick Family Fund

Navigator (500-999)
Deluxe OKC
Emmy Ezzell
Amy Young
Lori and Steve Chipera
Rent OKC Metro
Steve Mason
Hillary, Peter, and Rowan Farrell
Sweet Sixteenth LLC
Nancy and John Martin

Pathfinder (250-499)
Nancy and William Struby
Erin and Jim Shaw
Jarica and Tim Walsh
Julianne and Jay Ludlam
Lea and Michael Morgan
Kerry Azzarello and adam Lanman
Kindt Events
Robbie and Larth Kienzle

Builder (100-249)
Erin Gavaghan and Ryan Hauser
Sunni Mercer
Olivia Hanson
Douglas Shaw Elder
Nancy Haines
Sherry Ray and Josh Buss
Laura and Laurent Massenat
Marcy Prestifilippo
Patricia King
Beth Downing
Cacky Poarch
Gina Ellis
Joy Reed Belt
Marilyn and Andy Artus
Monica Rorick
Jonathan Hils
John Gooden
Mary and John Seward
Sandy and Bob Sober
Connie and Zane Norsworthy
Emily Emmons
Jenny and Moxie Heinrichs
Mark Seibold
Erin Oldfield
Louise Siddons
The Project Box
Revolve Productions
Clint Stone and Shannon Claire
Sue Moss Sullivan
May Yang
Laura Rice and Roy Diehl
Trent Lawson
Jim and Vickey Owens
Cathleen Faubert and Pete Froslie
Stefanie and Beau Leland
Laura Reese
Kelly and Dean Wyatt
April and Mike Mays
Blossom Crews and Farooq Karim
Anne Blood

Beta (50-99)
Denise Caudill
Michael Litzau
Adam Price
Paula Nightengale
Anne Spoon
Stephanie Ruggles
Betty Refour
Lin and Ernesto Sanchez
Allison Thompson
Alyson Atchison
Charles Martin
Kari and Eric Starkey
Terri Sadler
Leigh Martin
Erin Cooper
Josh Vaughn
Donna Rogers
Donna Hilton
Suzanne Thomas Justice
Trina Morrison
Nicole Poole
Ginnie Baer
steffanie halley
David Webber
Bob Curtis
Marissa Raglin
heather ahtone
Tiffany McKnight
MJ Alexander
Cassie Stover
Jenny Owens-Haines
Sharon Varnum
Carol Koss

Grassroots (10-49)
Rick Sinnett
Sarah Atlee
Becky Arman
Kiona Millirons
Angela Cannon
Haley and Jason Cytacki
Lorrie Wolaver
Annie Lillard
William Young
Charli Lau
Priya Desai
Jenny Bell
Steven Goodwin
Jessica Edwards
Lenka Breeding
Audrey Fitzsimmons
Sarah and Brian Hearn
Grace and Andrew Grimm
Staci Sanger
Jennifer and Bonnie Allen-Barron
Joe Hudson
Sarika Alvekar
Barbie Smalley
Annie Holt and Jeremiah Davis
Sarah Fox and Mark Hare
Ryan Pack
Gregory Jerome
Christy Bingham
Adrienne Day
Tim Hearne
Linda Kaye


In Kind
Mason Realty Investors
Elemental Coffee
Prairie Thunder Baking Co.
DNA Galleries
Karper Electronics
The Wedge Pizzeria
Prairie Wolf Spirits
Picassos Cafe
Nicole Poole
Bryan Cook
Holly Wilson
The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro
Ashley and Ben Sellers
Karper Quilting Service
Anchor Paints
Urban Agrarian
Home Depot