Next door to Current Studio is a shared studio space occupied by five artists. Their studio space is open to the public during Current Thursdays or by appointment.


Lexi Dickens is an abstract visual artist, who uses resin and other mediums to create her work. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Lexi earned her BFA with an emphasis in painting from University of Oklahoma. She derives inspiration from various sources, including social media and her own explorations. Her work is a continuous experiment of color and texture, to create familiar imagery in unfamiliar ways.



Shelby Hartzell is a conceptual photographer with a dark art influence. Born in Dallas, Texas, her passion for photography comes from wanting to show people an alternate reality to what we see every day. Being raised in the suburbs of Dallas and shortly after moving to Oklahoma City, most of her inspiration comes from nature and human interactions. She is focusing her new series on capturing inner struggles we all face, but are not all open to talk about. She is aspiring to enlighten and open the minds of individuals through her surreal art.


Erin Latham is a printmaker and installation artist from Norman, Oklahoma. Latham received her Bachelors of Fine Art from the University of Oklahoma in 2008, and her Masters of Fine art from the Pratt Institute in 2012. Latham is interested in understanding the impact her work has on the environment, as well as using traditional media in sustainable ways. By using recycled, non toxic materials, and found objects, as well as repurposing the multiples of past prints, she creates installations that immerse the viewer in a specific environment. Latham relocated back to Oklahoma in the Summer of 2012, and since has been actively pursuing her career as a professional artist and teaching artist.



Kelly Rogers is a mixed-media visual artist living and working in Oklahoma City. Her foundational work in painting has informed her subsequent bodies of work in various media, including printmaking, bookbinding, ink & brush drawing, embroidery, and fiber arts. Kelly also works as a crisis line operator, where a large part of her role entails bearing witness to stories of loss in moments of crisis. Her current studio work is a series of embroidered paintings that explore the impact of trauma and the true grit of human survival, collectively entitled Tales of Woah.



We currently have one opening in the Next Door Studios.

Next Door Studios is a shared studio space at 1216 N Pennsylvania Avenue. The studio space is approximately 1400 square feet. Each artist has approximately 125 square feet of exclusive space with an additional  600 square feet of community work space. There is one shared unisex restroom, and a utility sink shared by the five artists. This shared studio is intended for artists who work well with others, are not territorial, and embrace the concept of being part of a community.

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