At Current Studio, we offer four workshops for artists. Each is focused specifically on the business side of an art career. If workshops about making are of interest to you, check out our Adult Summer Camp. If one on one consultation is of interest to you, check out our Consultation Services

TAXES » FEBRUARY 25, 2017 » 1-4PM » $20/person
Three hour workshop to help artists understand how to manage information in preparation for filing taxes. Understanding all of the ins and outs of how to prepare tax returns as an individual artist takes time. This workshop will provide you with information on how to streamline tax preparation for your career as a visual artist. Additionally, participants will learn tips about tax deductions, how to work with an accountant, and other valuable tax tip information. This is a beginner level workshop geared specifically for individual visual artists . 

ARTIST STATEMENTS/BIOS/RESUMES » MAY 13, 2017, 1-5PM »$30/person
Four hour workshop to help artists understand how to create and recreate and recreate these documents as needed so they have maximum impact. Focus will be on content and design. Exercises in how to be clear and concise and relevant in artist statements will be included.

PROPOSAL WRITING » JUNE 17, 2017 » 1-4PM » $20/person
Three hour workshop to help artists navigate the technical side of grant writing and other proposal-based writing. Clear and concise writing that explains the what, when, and how of your idea is fundamental when it comes to writing for grants, residencies, or other proposal-based opportunities. In this workshop, artists can learn best practices and techniques for how to rise to the top in a stack of submissions.

Full day workshop to help artists learn systems for managing a calendar, budgeting time, organizing studio space, organizing digital information, and project management.